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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Effluent Guidelines: Metal Products and Machinery | Metals & Machinery | US EPA

By Jonathan Cheng

The Metal Products and Machinery (MP&M) regulation establishes national technology-based limits on pollutants in wastewater discharges from facilities that manufacture, rebuild or maintain metal parts, products, or machines. Effective June 12, 2003, EPA published final regulations establishing Clean Water Act (CWA) technology-based effluent limitations guidelines for the metal products and machinery (MP&M) point source category. The metal products and machinery point source category includes facilities that manufacture, rebuild, or maintain metal products, parts, or machines. EPA is promulgating limitations and standards only for facilities that directly discharge wastewaters from oily operations in the Oily Wastes subcategory. EPA expects compliance with this regulation to reduce the discharge of conventional pollutants by approximately 500,000 pounds per year. EPA estimates the annual cost of the rule will be $13.8 million (pre-tax $2001). EPA estimates that the annual benefits of the rule to be approximately $1.5 million ($2001).