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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Top 25 Best Retail Brands of 2014 | Retail News | RIS News: Business/Technology Insights for Retail, Supermarket Executives

By Jonathan Cheng

From mobile shopping to virtual fitting rooms, retailers are evolving the customer journey through a digital lens. With e-commerce sales growing 10% each year and some sectors facing challenges, traditional North American retailers are fighting to remain strong. Nearly all brands today are offering competitive pricing, convenient purchasing and payment options, a pleasant shopping experience – offerings that are meaningful and relevant, and demonstrate that they understand the complex relationships between retail and the shopper. Technology has significantly changed consumer shopping behaviors, causing North America's leading retailers to revamp initiatives in order to stay relevant and rebound from the past five years of economic turmoil. At this point, omnichannel is already an old buzzword. This new retail is powered by the introduction of connected stores for connected consumers, as we see in Interbrand's Best Retail Brands 2014 report. The report also suggests that retailers are going beyond core business models to gain competitive advantage. They are doing this by using online innovation to bridge the divide between in-store and online shopping and by developing a strategic understanding of sales data so that they can meet customer needs and desires better and faster than ever before. Overall, Walmart maintains the top spot on the 2014 Best Retail Brands list, and even with a 6% decline in brand value, it preserves an enormous margin over the next closest brand, according to Interbrand's report. In addition to being #1 in North America, Walmart is also the most valuable retail brand in the world, with a brand value of $131,877 billion. Three brands increased their brand value by more than 25% this year: Macy's, Whole Foods, and Amazon. Here are the top 25 best retail brands for 2014.